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"New Product Release"

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"New Product Release"

Post by MasterPiece-haN- on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:25 pm

New item for Iphone , Blackberry & HTC ...

Special Back cover for iPhone 3G/3Gs , Original Capdase PVC pouch & Capdase pouch for iphone ..
All-Kit suitable for Blackberry and iphone .. Iphone Battery , USB power adapter , AV Cable for iphone , Dock & Stylus are available now ~

"original capdase PVC pouch & Capdase pouch for BlackBerry .. Screen protector "MATTE" available for curve 8520 , curve 8900 , Bold9000 , Storm and more ... Blackberry Battery , Headphones and BlackBerry charger available now ~

MATTE screen protector available now for most of the HTC phones .. Original Capdase PVC pouch and Capdase pouch for Blackberry.. Blue line/red line pouch , HTC Battery & HTC Stylus are now available ~

For more information please view here :


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